About Gray Fox Ranch and the Owners

Gray Fox Ranch was opened by William and Nicole Briddon in 2012, in the small town of Huntsville, Texas.

Our goal here at Gray Fox Ranch is to breed and train the best gaited riding horses and mules in the nation, and eventually go international. While we believe the quality of breeding is of extreme importance, we have a specific focus on proper training from day #1 of a foals joining us, whether it be from another ranch or from birth.

As we focus on training, that goes for training the horses, but also owners. We believe understanding your horse and proper training goes a long way to making horse and rider successful partners. For this reason, we provide both training and lessons, though our most preferred type of lesson is with both the horse and the rider, as that is the best way to truly understand the difficulties between horse and rider.

While our website is clearly in it's stages of infancy, we strive to improve it as often as is possible. Please bear with us while we continue improving the formatting and uploading pictures of all the horses.